2016: Looking back over your life, what are you looking forward to in the New Year?

EYHCS: That is an excellent question. <Ponders the question with a reflective countenance>

2016: Do you have an excellent answer?

EYHCS: Yes. <Replies with a dead and stark countenance>

2016: <fully engaged with hips seated at the front of the lounge chair> Care to share?

EYHCS: <continuing to be display a coy demeanor> Sure.

EYHCS: Change, affirmation, and fulfillment of promises are what I am looking forward to in the New Year.

2016: Wow, you don’t shy away from the complex, do you? <Centers left hand across chests in a faux humble fashion>

EYHCS: Never have and never will.

2016: How would you characterize 2015?

EYHCS: At times it was akin to Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men with “You can’t handle the truth”. At other times it was akin to Rafiki from the Lion King with “Simba, he’s alive!” And, as the year drew to an close, it was Neo from the Matrix with, “I am going to hang up this phone and show the people what you don’t want them to see. The rest I leave up to you!”

2016: Any special resolutions for the New Year?

EYHCS: Not really. I am just grateful to be of sound mind and body after the last several years of testing and trying I have undergone.

2016: What type of testing and trying? How do you define testing and trying?

EYHCS: The simplest definition is the easiest definition. I have been tested mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and physiologically.

2010: I was there.

2016: How so?

2010: I saw it all unfold. Yet, I could not intervene. It was a battle required to define, affirm, and confirm her true character. I knew she could and would prevail. I just needed her to know the same.

EYHCS: It was hard at times. A lot of people look at me today and comment how together I seem. They don’t know how much it cost to not only appear this way, but to be this way.

2016: Cost?

EYHCS: Yes, the spiritual and mental cost. The breaking of beliefs to conquer one’s greatest fear is an enlightening and painful process. I mimicked the way Jesus’ survived and prevailed during his 40 days and nights of testing. Everything he needed to defeat external and internal enemies had already been deposited into him. So with private tears and public cheers, I marched on, until I could march out.

2016: Do you feel you’ve conquered your greatest fear?

EYHCS: Most days, I do.

2016: Willing to share it with others.

EYHCS: I feared disappointment.

2016: Disappointment?

EYHCS: Yes, disappointment. Disappointing others, disappointing myself, disappointing my ancestors <unrealistic>, disappointing my parents, and if I am honest, the disappointment of never being enough.

2016: What changed?

EYHCS: I watched my former self battle to regain control of the uncontrollable and win.

2016: How did that feel?

EYHCS: Good, no great! When the enemy saw me cower, the spirit saw me tower.

I watched mesmerized at times as obstacles became pathways. I silently praised in place as promises, visions, and dreams manifested around me and for me. I bit my tongue when necessary and raised my voice when required. I feel in love with me and I liked it! I hadn’t ever been in love with me before 2015, not really, but today I am and it’s great!

2016: Sounds like you figured some things out.

EYHCS: Some, but I have only scratched the surface.

2016: Any regrets?

EYHCS: No, this year was all about clearing up old regrets and living a life that produced no future regrets.

2016: How’s that?

EYHCS: I had to sacrifice my personal self to honor my spiritual-self several times in 2015. At times, I had to confront those who only sought the best for me, but couldn’t understand the choices I was making in how I dealt with certain situations.

2016: That sounds deep.

EYHCS: It is, but the deeper it got, the clearer it all became.

2016: Has anyone ever told you, sometimes your responses produced more questions than answers?


2016: Care to add any more to that response?


2016: Well, we’re day one in of 366 days. Care to share your plan for 2016?

EYHCS: Tried that once, the human mind could not comprehend the design.

EYHCS: So instead, in the words of one of my favorite characters, “where we’re going we don’t need any roads”!

2016: I can’t wait!

EYHCS: You don’t have to. You already know what is in store. I am the one who gets to discover it. Thank you for joining me in the journey.

2016: You’re welcome and thanks for sharing, EYHCS, it was a pleasure talking with you. Take care and see you on the other side.

EYHCS: Indeed, I pray you will {Insha’Allah}! One God, many names, and I love them all!!!

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Day 1: An Interview with 2016 with a Cameo from 2010