Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art


The theme for this week centers on defining my understanding, interpretation, and overall ideal of a “Work of Art”.    In the words of Michelle W.,


Art is everywhere, though: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.  For me, it’s in food. The creativity, forethought, and care that went into this beautifully cooked and plated lamb dish takes it from ‘dinner’ [sic] to ‘art’ [sic]”


Michelle W., I concur.

I am guilty of devouring my food more often than not through the lenses of my camera or smartphone well before fork meets plate.    A true culinary artist can have a lasting effect upon my synapses. Their culinary strokes across the plate captivate my inner spirit.  Just remembering the tasty delights within this post, I arise with fork and knife in hand.

Yes, food is a secret pleasure of mine.  The canvas of edible ecstasy below lives on far beyond the last bite.  Join me in viewing heaven on a plate from my time in Dublin, Ireland.


 DSC03624Three delicious wheat crust squares topped with tender salmon – sliced to perfection, and a sweet dill sauce paired with a pint of Guinness black lager


DSC03620Cheese and beef croquettes paired with a fresh leaf salad, horseradish sauce, remoulade sauce, and fried potato squares.


DSC03626Ireland’s take on shrimp scampi served with a French baguette


DSC03788Grilled Flank Steak, balsamic vinaigrette salad, potato puff fries, and sweet dipping sauce


DSC03802Key Lime pie dressed with three raspberries in cherry sauce


DSC03803Lemon custard pie with raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and dressed with swirls of raspberry sauce.


DSC03836A chocolate molten cake served with fresh orange-vanilla whipped cream and an orange wedge (Picture 1)


DSC03837Chocolate molten cake (Picture 2)


DSC03906A warm cup of cream of potato soup topped with parsley and fresh cream, simply divine.


DSC03990With a lascivious glint across my brow, I satisfied my hunger with this truly salacious work of art.  A slice of roasted pork butt, served alongside slow-stewed plums and cherries, mashed potatoes, and finished with a single apple slice.  This was truly a heavenly experience.


EYHCS, clicks the submit button, wipes mouth, hears the small rumbling from the bottom of her stomach, and leaves the keyboard in search of the Philly cheese steak calling her name.

I bid you adieu and Bon Appétit!



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art on the Green Side of Dublin, Ireland

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