Confession Moment #3 My Thoughts (Ranting): Father of Michael Sam Says NY Times ‘Twisted’ His Words | Nightcap

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I need to be honest.  If I am to grow into who I am called to be then living outwardly and openly is my key to Freedom and the path to my rewards no man can bestow. 

As a woman, who has been in a living and loving 14-year relationship with the love of my life, holds breath for a long time, did not want to be labeled different.   By the way, that still has not changed, the inability for some people to expand their thinking outside of their tradition socialization of unproven theories can be challenging even for the star quarterback (I know he’s not a QB, btw – just an analogy). This is Texas after all, football terms are a commonality most of us can agree on, most.  

My understanding of the Creator’s omnipotent forethought allows me to recognize it is in my differentness, I am uniquely crafted for a specific purpose. More on that another day.  

This is my substantive rant on the ubiquitous dialogue happening around the water cooler, in the elevator, throughout a myriad of social media platforms, and on every news station we have here at work.  Really, this is quote newsworthy un-quote!  Indoctrinating a culture to feed on itself, that is news! This, this is overrated and overdone for me!

Now, I love my football, and when the story released, I must have asked four or five times, “…but, is he any good!” among the chatter of “is the NFL ready”.  I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing and seeing confirmation in the universe of the same, “it doesn’t matter if you are ready … get ready, because some things have got to move!” *hands suitcases over, you know what to pack and what to leave behind*

Why are so many of us (universally) condemning a man for his inner thoughts?  I imagine most parents at that moment of preconception think, just let them be “perfect”.  Somehow, hoping this will shield them from a world of hurt, when in actuality whether you are perceived as perfect or imperfect, the hurt will come, just packaged differently for who you are and what you must overcome to reach who you are created to live out.

While my mother loves me, I know it breaks her heart to know, my brothers have it easier. Even if, in their easiness, they suffer more for being a part of a normalized view of ordained relationships.  It is in these moments that I think, sometimes out loud and sometimes inwardly, “who do I follow that during their time, were also perceived as abstract to a normal depiction of who the universe believed they should be or would be”.

Though, I be lifted up, I am with you always even unto the ends of the Earth.   I will rest with you.  I will comfort you.  I will give you peace in the midst of the storm.  Better yet, there’s even greater news than all I’ve told you before, you can achieve transfer of the same power according to your faith, because it came amidst the absent of my physical interaction with you.

Perhaps, what we should be questioning is, ‘what are we contributing to the universe that causes others to fear for the safety of those they brought into being?”

Conviction should always be internalized before dishing it out externally.