Holy Spirit Confession Moment Series: Introduction


This confession moment is purposed and packaged a little differently than previous Confession Moments.  Consequently, I will not be maintaining a 15 Words or Less limit approach.   While this post is more of a therapeutic writing, it is a public declaration of some truths that bore light today in my life.   Currently, there are seven HSCM segments planned.  This is the introduction.  In addition, this series will be heavily slanted to who I am in Christ, my teachings, and understanding of the Way.

In addition, there was a Confession Moment posted earlier this week, which you may have noticed received a name change.  Upon further investigation, I needed to shift the atmosphere in line with the characteristics of God.  Specifically,

1 John 1:5 – This, in essence, is the message we heard from Christ and are passing on to you: God is light, pure light; there’s not a trace of darkness in him. Gal 5:22 – But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, (MSG)

It is

Now, please allow me an extra moment to set the atmosphere, for what is to follow.

I call forth every spiritual being, every spirit of confliction, every deceiver, every adversary power, and constrictor of God’s Word out of the shadows.  I bind you in Heaven and in Earth from further interception, collusion, disruption, or otherwise violation of the covenant relationship I have with the Trinity.  So there is no confusion, the Trinity, herein, refers to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I bind you in Heaven and in Earth from affecting the messenger, changing the message, or distracting the reader.  So it is written, so it will be.

Having properly set the atmosphere, please find the introduction to my new series HSCM below.

Somewhere earlier in the week, a few weeks back, I noticed a loud whirling and humming sound coming from my vehicle.   I took my car in for regular scheduled maintenance, most of it several months and in one case years past due.  I had strategically mapped out the experience.  An oil change, car wash, tire rotation, and one pre-ordered emblem later I was feeling rather content with my day.  I had requested a timing belt quote, which for some reason I left without. Productivity was still the name of the day.  I felt great.

The next day held similar promises of productivity or so I believed at the start of the day.  Stay with me, I’m writing faster than I can think and slower than I type.  I learned the emblem replacement in actuality required more steps than previously outline.   An hour later, the advisor informed me it would need a shop visit.  I was not inclined to follow his estimation of the issue, nor the five times the part quote for labor price tag.  Still seeking a success fix. I moved to the next item on my list.  Again, I left more frustrated than fulfilled.  I am just now discerning there was a spirit of degradation to the communication channel in the midst.

I paused, but not for long. Normally, in these moments, I stop and talk to the Great I Am.  This day was no different.  Afterwards, I went on with my day leaving behind the heaviness in the air.  Yet, it continued to plague me.  I played music and communed with nature as much as the moment would allow.  Descending upon my car the next morning, armed with my mini pink screwdriver and trusty tool pouch, I was prepared to conquer something that day.  Thirty minutes later, the front end of my car on the ground, my emblem rested in place and secure.  I praised him silently and perhaps publicity.  I honestly cannot remember.  I was grateful for the ‘breakthrough’.  Although small in comparison to what was to come, it was indeed a ‘breakthrough’.

The next morning the whirling sounds seem to intensify.  Hood popped, eyes focused, I surveyed the area.  Power steering and master cylinder both registered full.   Mental note to self, follow-up with mechanic about the timing belt quote.

Fast forward, today, while silent, the Holy Spirit urged me to check underneath the hood again.  Alert, the power steering fluid was in a condition of lack.  Pause.  Still pausing… this is not a preaching moment, but a therapeutic moment.  But, I see a word in what I just wrote.   A quick beeline to my local auto store and my car is now purring.  I promised a little happy dance that eventually moved into the upper room.

I have offered more than necessary, because I am still working this thing out as I write it out.  

Here’s what I know in this moment with the warning, this is all subjected to change with a more enlightened perspective:

1)      Sometimes, it is what it is.  However, there are times where, it is what we allow.

2)      The Spirit of Dominion

3)      Trust your helper.  If you are feeling uneasy, unusually tired or otherwise afflicted.  Investigate.

4)      The move of God brings out the enemy of God, but God is a way maker!

5)      There is a spirit of cloaking in operation, pay extra attention to your words, thoughts, actions, environment, and overall being. (Re-verification is not a weakness, but a decree!)

6)      Even is praise you must push through to discovery. Strike that, especially in praise you must push through to discovery.

7)      What is purposed for you is purposed for you.  Distractions and the length of time cannot remove the purpose.  Hallelujah! (This is a personal victory moment!)

Today, these revelations came into being.  It is especially important to and for me, that I declare and decree purpose fulfilled in all things, at all times, and in every way.   Stay tuned for more on this series.   As I dissect them individually, I will bring my thoughts here.  For me, this is truly an exercise of reflective thinking.   

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