Debt Collector Payday Loan Scam (Union Group)


A company by the name of Union Group has resurfaced.  This company calls you and claims you have an outstanding payday loan in their office.  Initially, they will attempt to get you to give a Visa/MasterCard over the phone.  However, if you ignore or refuse to engage with them they become more aggressive.  They will begin calling your employer, friends, or relatives with a message similar to this,

“This is ___________, I just received an order in my office today for ______________.  My number is Restricted or (855) xxx-xxxx or some other number.  ___________  has a claim against them.  This message or call serves as notice that ________________ has a claim against them in our office.  The case/claim number is __________________.  This is your only warning/notice.  We need your current address so you may be formally served.”

This can cause great havoc on your professional career.  They count on you being frightened into falling prey to their malicious intentions.  DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

The Fix

Any creditor seeking remedies for outstanding debts must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1974 (FCRA) in the United States.  The entire FCRA is available free here.  A copy of the Canadian Consumer Handbook is available here.

If you find yourself a victim to this company or any company failing to comply with the above Act for your country, you may file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) here for the United States.

For Canada’s Consumer Credit Information, please visit their website here.

For the United Kingdom please visit The Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Credit Act website here.

In addition, if one of these malicious companies contact your employer, please make them aware of this scam immediately.

Predators come in all forms.  They rely on fear tactics to separate you from your property and hard-earned income.  You deserve better.  Stay informed on these and other scams here on my new Need-to-Know page.

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