Day 75 – People

People II

One of life’s greatest challenges is learning who deserves  space in both your heart and your life.

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4 thoughts on “Day 75 – People

  1. Hi Canada, thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your slightly terse opinion of my post provides me with an opportunity to share a little more about who I am today. I welcome all opinions in this regard, for it helps me in my journey of self-discovery.

    This blog is my personal journey into affirming my truths as I attempt to align them with The Truth.

    I am work in progress using a social media platform to share my personal journey with anyone willing to participate in the experience with me. I made a calculated decision to start this blog as a way to put all these thoughts flowing throughout my head into a medium where they might be of service to anyone.

    For me, in my life there two types of people. In both cases, they either add or subtract value from your life.

    When I speak about the heart, I am referencing the Creator. I speak from my personal faithwalk. I speak of the decree from Jesus Christ regarding his greatest commandment we have in life, which is to love everyone as he first love each of us. I speak of a love for the person beyond their baggage, issues, mindsets, principles, or overall governing worldview. I speak as a sister-in-Christ.

    When I speak about my life this is more about my inner circle, circle of influence, or circle of trust. These people have proven more than once they are trustworthy. No matter how I act or response they remain loyal and protective of me. I am not required to give anymore than my friendship or loyalty in return. These people are foxhole material. These are the only people allowed space in both my heart and my life. Aye!

    Thanks again, for allowing me the opportunity to expand the line above.



    • It was not my intention to derogate you as a person; I was referring to the line. So, can you find it in your heart to forgive me? The beginning and the end of the journey is Jesus Christ alone; I hope it helps.
      Go well, and keep your eyes on Jesus.
      Sorry once again; it was not personal, but I was wrong.
      Canadian Guy


  2. Hi Canada, you are forgiven, but that was done long before you and I ever crossed paths. All glory to the one who sits on high and within our hearts to guide us in this thing we refer to as life. I am just grateful you took the time out of your day to actually comment on my post. Hope we have the opportunity to engage again in the future.

    May God forever be in your heart, upon your lips, and present throughout your life.



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