Confession Moment #7: Where I Am Today

Okay, so, I spent minimal time on the social sphere this weekend.  I actually went out and enjoyed the great weather in Texas.  This morning, I perused my Home Feed in Facebook and found this post: I am a Christian

Awhile back during a conversation about my weekend, I had the tedious coming out story, which occurs every time I meet someone new.  You know, “So, what are your plans for the weekend?” Do I remain elusive that ‘he’ is really a ‘she’?  Do I simply say, ‘nothing, really, you?”  This was over a year ago.

My response: Me and my partner are going for dinner and then maybe a movie.

Friend: {Brief silence} ‘You’re partner?”

My response: Yep.

Her response: That’s cool.

Slightly uncomfortable for moment and then we returned to normal.  Personally, I demise this conversation.  I do not have to ‘come out’ black or as a ‘woman’ everything I meet someone new.  But, that is an entirely different Confession Moment.

I move on.

After we became Facebook friends I realized we possessed different viewpoints on almost everything, but that is the cool thing about having different perspectives.  I do not have to accept the views of my right-minded friends and  they do not have to accept my left slanted view for us to have a friendship .  However, the above post infuriated me beyond words.  I took a break to cool down.  I am constantly addressing seeing through the eyes of others before making judgment calls about someone. I put my words into action.  Instead of attacking her publicly on Facebook, I simply posted the following post to my status page.  It is possible and even likely her post was  not directed to my many posts in support of the mislabeled “gay marriage agenda” happening in the WORLD {holds her tongue}! I digress.

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. ~D. H. Lawrence

Feeling sorry and being pissed off are not the same.  I am just a little p.o’d at the moment. The rest of the poem goes on to speak of the bird chewing off its’ own arm to free himself if necessary (side note, this part came from the movie G. I. Jane).  That is where I am today.

I write this from a place of love stored within my heart.

The Spirit of Homosexuality is a conundrum I do not understand.  Can anyone point me to the scripture in the text, where Jesus discusses the ‘Spirit of Homosexuality’?  This is a rhetorical question.  However, if the Holy Spirit enlightens you to a particular scripture, please engage!

As Christians, we assign spiritual names to words without having fully engaged in the etymology of the word.  I challenge anyone battling or battling against the Spirit of Homosexuality to do an etymology of the word in scripture, other reference books, and documents.  We can talk afterwards.  The Spirit within me rises up to defeat the elusive dismal of God’s children with a resounding, no more!

We are no longer Greek or Gentile, as we each have a branch on the Tree of Life.  Only God can rip or stitch, his children from the Tree of Life.  Thus, all the riches of Christ flow down and in each of us.  I am simply in a place of no more!  If Christ makes no distinguishment between gay or straight, why have we taken up the cross to revoke the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause under the United States constitution?  The last time I checked support of an amendment held little sway in the validity of the amendment.  Otherwise, the LBGTQ community could forego paying yearly income taxes.  It would be fitting, if I do say so myself.

Here is one book suggestion to consider for further research on homosexuality in Christianity:

I dare you!