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Disclaimer:  Any post in this section as in other segments found at http://www.eyhcs2010.com are the expressed words, ideas, experiences, and are a collective, but not a complete expression of my thoughts.  Choosing to entertain and/or implement any of my ideas, thoughts, or advice does not constitute a legal obligation upon EYHCS, http://www.eyhcs2010.com, or I in any way.  Consider it all take-it-or-leave-it.

God laid a new burden on my heart this morning.  In fact, it is a burning fire in my heart I can not quench.  I have learned when a thing, an idea, a particular issue/grip/concern, or moment continually reigns in my mind, heart, or atmosphere; I must speak or in this case write.

I have watched people perish or succumb for a lack of knowledge and/or understanding about the legalities of our society.  I believe in using the Word of God to battle/protect/encourage/restore all facets of my life and the lives of others.  However, I also believe, if we are to survive and rise into our joint and separate destinies; we must focus on the realities of this time using practical application.

God has blessed me to experience more in my life then I intend to share today, but enough to know, so many of us are seeking something and falling for everything.

This blog post begins a new segment on The Latest Word.  It will address, discuss, and bring light to the issues facing us in the new age world of cyber espionage.  Many of us swipe the card without a thought to the prying eyes lurking from behind the mainframe.  Their predefined and predetermined sneak attack lays in-wait for the next victim of misplaced hope.  Some of us looking for the get rich scheme of the century we know God promised us so long ago to actually manifest in the here-and-now, we enter our personal identifiable information into every box on the World Wide Web without a thought for who might be on the other end of money portal.  This was intentionally repetitive.

Days or years later, we receive the call, “This must be God delivering on his promise we surmise”.  However, often broker than we were before (we took the big leap of faith) we blame it on the devil, or Satan, or some other entity without the ability to create.  In any case, we curse God for our faulty logic vowing never to trust him/her again.  The door is now open.  Refusing covering, we shore up the storm shelters and open ourselves up for the next attack.

How right we are.  There will always be an attack in some form or another.  However, knowledge provides a thin barrier between you and those positioned in opposition to your ordained destiny.

Today’s post comes from a post I shared on Facebook yesterday.

1. Social Network Warfare: A New Segment published on May 24, 2014

I will be adding known or suspected frauds, viruses, or need-to-know cyber issues, here.

2. Mobogenie Mobile Virus Alert published on May 27, 2014

3. YouTube Update Affecting Playback on Some Android Devices published on May 27, 2014

4. Debt Collector Payday Loan Scam (Union Group) published on May 27, 2014


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