Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections Part 1 of 3

Reflections III

 Weekly Photo Challenge:  Reflections



Taken: March 6, 2014

Part 1 of 3


Self-portrait three-part series:  

On a cold winter day in Irving, Texas I shivered against the bitter winds, the clouds were a dark dingy mixture of graylight blue, and simmer of cloudy white.  A group of us stood huddled together behind the big cement wall of the garage enjoying a frosty cigarette.  I looked up and I caught my reflection. Interesting, I thought. Soothing, I felt on the inside against the backdrop of the old garage.  Music off, headphones unplugged, cigarette tossed towards the cold garage floor, phone out in hand, self-portrait selected, and click.  

This is the same photo finished from three different perspectives. 










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