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Year in Thought: God's Whisper

Learning to Listen to God in the journey of life.


This is a collection of poetry and prose regarding the author’s personal journey and intimate reflection time with the Holy Spirit during the first eight months of 2010. Often times over the years she heard a whisper across the wind, below the storm, and above the mountain tops. She would often discount it as intuition or a kind of sixth sense. She continued on as if the whispers had fallen in a distance desert. At times she would recount the story told by Jesus of the crows eating away at the fallen grains upon the Earth. Specifically, how the birds would come along and snap up the grains from where they rested upon the soil, for the birds’ own consumption. A Year in Thought: God’s Whispers is the fruit of those planted, nurtured, watered, and harvested grains. Once God had removed her from the thistle of her mind, the clutter of her earthly desires, and the miscalculations of her heart, she began to view his likeness and whispers, differently.

The writing process began as a therapeutic outlet for the brokenness in the author’s life. The author recalls the rush of silent and vocal promises streaming from the Holy Spirit as the author responded and submitted humbly unto the creative authority and power of the Holy Spirit. The author did not understand it was preparation for the next phase of God’s ordained plan in and over her life.

Karen’s Victorious Journey: A Short Story


No one said she had it all figured out. No one said she had to be the one to figure it all out. Yet, the more Karen contemplated her next move the more she felt she was supposed to have something figured out by now. Karen never intended to take the journey of a lifetime, but she did. Now, if she can only figure out …what comes next, may be, just maybe, this would all start to make sense.

Undergraduate Papers

My desire is for this blog to be both a data bank and a showcase.

These papers except for minor punctuation and grammar edits are in their original form. I contemplated editing them to conform to my current level of language and after much thought decided against that idea. I am not perfect and neither are my writings. I have not decided if perfection is even the goal. That being said, these writings offer you a small timeline of my growth in this art. As such, I apologize if some of them are a little difficult to read.

Internet Project: Victimization
Written Response:  The Basis for True Science
Written Response: The Basis for True Science
Report Paper: Crack Impact

Report:  Global Warning

Report: Global Warning

Film Analysis:  The Great Debaters

Film Analysis: The Great Debaters

Being Indigent in America

Being Indigent in America

Research Report:  Effects of Driving While on the Cell Phone

Research Report: Effects of Driving While on the Cell Phone

Graduate Papers

Under Construction


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