Day 273: The Nuts and Bolts of Relationships


Relationships are like nuts and bolts.

Over screwing the bolt could strip the grooves beyond repair.

Use the wrong size nut and it will not fit.

Your use of force will make or break your relationship.

There are many degrees of force.

Emotional force.

Kinetic force.

Mental force.

Physical force.

Physiological force.

Silent force.

Levels and types of force are akin to the air we breathe.

If someone hands you a 5/16 bolt do not place a ¾ nut on it.

In turn, use the socket wrench when the increased power from a handheld drill, would warp the bolt.

The things meant to us may require work, but they rarely require force.

The definition of force indicates an exertion of power greater than required to achieve the desired goal.

Find the 5/16 nut in the basket of ¾ nuts and find your true pairing.

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Voter Lookup: Don’t Be Fooled At the Election Booth

I took a backseat and only spoke to my friends and colleagues about why voting is so important.  This year is different. I received a surprise at the early elections last Monday.  I am normally an avid watcher of Presidential elections, but sometimes allow midterm elections to go by without a second glance, since the highly contested elections of 2008.  No longer standing in long lines, no longer spending countless nights at the polling offices, no longer rallying the troops to get out the vote, and no longer spending my time and energy on convincing the masses their votes really do count.

We have a choice between a Governor who will keep us in the dark ages or a choice between a return to the days of Ann Richards, where minorities actually had a voice in Texas.  We have a choice where minorities actually matter.  We have a choice where, our vote and our voices really can change the trajectory of our state.

Without pinpointing a specific candidate, vote for a candidate this week while early voting is still going on or next Tuesday, November 4, 2014, whose values, principles, and history in political office closely aligns to a future you want to see manifest in your local area.  Whatever you do, VOTE!

The voting tool below can help you find early voting locations or your polling location on voting day.  Please remember, this year you must have both your photo identification card and your voter’s id card to cast your ballot.  Give a big thanks to the political party of the dark ages, for that one!

To read more about my experience at the voting booth click the link here:

Debt Collector Payday Loan Scam (Union Group)


A company by the name of Union Group has resurfaced.  This company calls you and claims you have an outstanding payday loan in their office.  Initially, they will attempt to get you to give a Visa/MasterCard over the phone.  However, if you ignore or refuse to engage with them they become more aggressive.  They will begin calling your employer, friends, or relatives with a message similar to this,

“This is ___________, I just received an order in my office today for ______________.  My number is Restricted or (855) xxx-xxxx or some other number.  ___________  has a claim against them.  This message or call serves as notice that ________________ has a claim against them in our office.  The case/claim number is __________________.  This is your only warning/notice.  We need your current address so you may be formally served.”

This can cause great havoc on your professional career.  They count on you being frightened into falling prey to their malicious intentions.  DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

The Fix

Any creditor seeking remedies for outstanding debts must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1974 (FCRA) in the United States.  The entire FCRA is available free here.  A copy of the Canadian Consumer Handbook is available here.

If you find yourself a victim to this company or any company failing to comply with the above Act for your country, you may file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) here for the United States.

For Canada’s Consumer Credit Information, please visit their website here.

For the United Kingdom please visit The Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Credit Act website here.

In addition, if one of these malicious companies contact your employer, please make them aware of this scam immediately.

Predators come in all forms.  They rely on fear tactics to separate you from your property and hard-earned income.  You deserve better.  Stay informed on these and other scams here on my new Need-to-Know page.

Other Resources:


YouTube Update Affecting Playback on Some Android Devices


YouTube updated the android version of their app on May 6th.  Since then, the app has become unstable.  Sometimes, it will not load and when it does load, the video transmissions are unplayable or spotty.

The Workaround:

Uninstall all updates in your application manager.  Be sure to uncheck “automatically update” until a they release a new version.

Mobogenie Mobile Virus Alert


I received a message when accessing my Norton Identity account today from my android phone.  It said, “Would you like to install Mobogenie?”.  I have no idea when or where I would have accessed this file, but did some research.

Here’s what I found out:

That virus thing is spam AD.

The Fix

Check under downloads in my files app.

I used a certified copy of ES File Explorer from the Play store to remove the .apk file and ran my virus protection just for good measure. A good virus protection app you might want to consider is Lookout.  I recommend the premium version, if you sometimes download non-Play Store apks.

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Social Network Warfare: A New Segment

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God laid a new burden on my heart this morning.  In fact, it is a burning fire in my heart I can not quench.  I have learned when a thing, an idea, a particular issue/grip/concern, or moment continually reigns in my mind, heart, or atmosphere; I must speak or in this case write.

I have watched people perish or succumb for a lack of knowledge and/or understanding about the legalities of our society.  I believe in using the Word of God to battle/protect/encourage/restore all facets of my life and the lives of others.  However, I also believe, if we are to survive and rise into our joint and separate destinies; we must focus on the realities of this time using practical application.

God has blessed me to experience more in my life then I intend to share today, but enough to know, so many of us are seeking something and falling for everything.

This blog post begins a new segment on The Latest Word.  It will address, discuss, and bring light to the issues facing us in the new age world of cyber espionage.  Many of us swipe the card without a thought to the prying eyes lurking from behind the mainframe.  Their predefined and predetermined sneak attack lays in-wait for the next victim of misplaced hope.  Some of us looking for the get rich scheme of the century we know God promised us so long ago to actually manifest in the here-and-now, we enter our personal identifiable information into every box on the World Wide Web without a thought for who might be on the other end of money portal.  This was intentionally repetitive.

Days or years later, we receive the call, “This must be God delivering on his promise we surmise”.  However, often broker than we were before (we took the big leap of faith) we blame it on the devil, or Satan, or some other entity without the ability to create.  In any case, we curse God for our faulty logic vowing never to trust him/her again.  The door is now open.  Refusing covering, we shore up the storm shelters and open ourselves up for the next attack.

How right we are.  There will always be an attack in some form or another.  However, knowledge provides a thin barrier between you and those positioned in opposition to your ordained destiny.

Today’s post comes from a post I shared on Facebook yesterday.  I will be adding known or suspected frauds, viruses, or need-to-know cyber issues, here. 

Disclaimer:  Any post in this section as in other segments found at are the expressed words, ideas, experiences, and are a collective, but not a complete expression of my thoughts.  Choosing to entertain and/or implement any of my ideas, thoughts, or advice does not constitute a legal obligation upon EYHCS,, or I in any way.  Consider it all take-it-or-leave-it.

Facebook I give you a new thing. It is amazing. It was designed specifically with all of you in mind, especially, those with an unique disposition for the heart of the people. It brings about hope, life, peace, future prosperity, and total understanding. It is freeing beyond belief. It will release you from captivity. It is not totally new for everyone, but I believe it speaks to the heart of the matter for some of my fellow Facebookies, if that is even a word. If it is not, please allow me to be the first to coin you…Facebookies on May 23, 2014, let it be so!

The next time someone sends you a post covered in blood; or a baby in shackles; or a bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian, or other identified, created, etc. (you pick according to your belief on the subject) person or group of people who have been mutilated, because they choose to live out and open; or a cross upside-down or right-side up, or a video of any kind; or a truly moving story; or a truly debased occurrence; I urge you; and for my fellow believers, I beseech you, please take a moment to walk in to the light and visit

It will free you from the malice of our society. It will dispel the myths of the global World Wide Web. It will save others from falling into the same trap. And above all else, it will allow you to enjoy your real friends’ triumphs or share in their real sorrows without imposing undue harm on others.

It might even save you the time and energy of having to purify your mobile device, laptop, or computer.

I’m out!

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