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Very rarely does a situation, a person, a place, or thing leave me speechless. Tonight, I am speechless. I am speechless, not because I have nothing to say, but because I am not sure what I have to say should be spoken. But, I am most definitely speechless.

Did we not experience the same thing?

Did we not speak similar declarations?

Did we not live it out?

Did time erase it all from your memory?

Did the world turn over on its head this beautiful and glorious Veteran’s Day?

I know what my other side thinks, feels, and wants so desperately to reveal.

Yet, I remain speechless.

I managed one clarifying question, for which I knew the answer.

Yep, I am totally, absolutely, and dumbfounded-ly speechless.

Yes, speechless is what I am.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to be speechless and not personally affected by the events leading up to my speechlessness.

Maybe I am shocked.

Shocked might also work for what I am feeling right now.

Yet, if I were shocked, then wouldn’t it also be unexpected?

And, this is so totally expected.

Maybe I am not shocked, but perplexed.

Let’s just stick with speechless for now.

Only time, evaluation, and reflection will answer the burning question of the moment.

Just so you know, I have truly been left speechless.

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Day 315: Speechless