A reflection moment:

We receive what we ask for.

Our asking could be direct. Our asking could be indirect. Our asking could be subliminal. Our asking could be verbal. Our asking could be nonverbal. The reward is in the asking. The secret is in the unspoken request. The gift is received when patience outweighs and outlasts conventional expectations.

Case in point, the picture accompanying this post depicts a set of beads from Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse. Those familiar with the longstanding tradition of beads exchanges realize and recognize beads are only exchanged according to quid pro quo methodology. Most often the quid pro quo involves the receiver offering the giver a flash of flesh of the personal and private areas. In fact, the bigger the beads or collection of beads, the greater the expectation is for a peep show.

Earlier tonight while out with co-workers, I had an opportunity to break expectations, traditions, and the status quo. As humans, we are conditioned to ride the white line of someone else’s expectations forgetting we dictate what happens to us. Enjoying my evening out with the girls, Tracey and James arrived at the bar. Each donned the Ruth Chris Steakhouse beads shown above around their necks. I immediately took an interest in the beads. They were unique and I like unique things. While we engaged each other I could not stop admiring the beads. The more I looked, the more I wanted the beads. The more I wanted the beads, the more the wheels started turning.

I engaged James further. James appeared to be agreeing to part with his beads. I stated I would cross the bar to relieve him of his intriguing beads. In support of my statement, I crossed the bar as promised. James elicited input from Monica another person at the bar for information and validation of payment required to transfer his beads into my possession. Monica wanted no part of it and to be quite honest neither did I, but I did want the beads.

Out of nowhere, Tracey turned around and placed his beads around my neck. No payment required. No expectation for something I was unwilling to provide. No piece of flesh or flash of skin. There was nothing, but a willingness to deliver to me what I had crossed the bar to receive from someone other than the intended giver.

Take from this what you want or what you need.

What I take and hold on to is – the mind when properly charted is strong enough to bend tradition and conventional wisdom into rewriting expectations based on ones resolve to uphold their personal truths.

Thanks for the beads Tracey. And, thanks for the reminder that I never have to be anyone, except myself and what I seek, I will have!

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Reflection: What I Seek, I Will Have