Day 103 – Positive Thinking Births Positivity

Change the mind

Does your mind need an interior decorator?

Today is the start of a new week with many new opportunities to shine, to improve, or to simply survive another week.  As this week begins, the book, The Secrets, brings forth the focal point of this week’s theme.  The Secrets discusses the law of attraction, in detail.  A governing principle for many religious sects, the law of attraction provides the believer with another important principle, the power of the tongue.  However, others have adopted the principle without adopting a particular religious doctrine.  In short, the law of attraction purports we attract what we believe and speak.  The more we reinforce a positive outlook, the more we attract positive outcomes in all facets of our lives.

Consequently, I hear many people in my personal and professional life constantly complaining about their current disposition.  Sometimes, I silently wonder if they realize their true potential to change their trajectory in life.  Other times, I challenge overtly their defeatist outlook.  Regardless, I purposefully remain the neutral party.  I am the listening ear or the sound voice among the daily commotions happening around me.  Yet, as draining as this may seem, I know without a doubt God keeps me grounded and provides a place of constant renewal.

Perhaps, many of you find yourselves with your own level of defeatist thinking at life’s daily burdens.  For me, I can only change my circumstance when I change my way of thinking.  Therefore, the focal point of this week’s theme is Positive Thinking Births Positivity.  I would like my followers and email readers participation in this little experiment.

The Challenge

Years ago, I had a professor challenge the class to only speak positive affirmations throughout the week.  We were to journal our experiences daily.  Afterwards, we discussed our findings during the next class. Many of us noticed a significant change in the way we handled ourselves, obstacles, and people.  Some of us even noted a mirroring effect in others.

How to Participate

To take part in the challenge, please include a link to this blog on your posts.  Alternatively, you can reply directly to this post.  Blessings, EYHCS



























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