Day 104: Positive Thinking Births Positivity – Part 2


Joy Coming

My exercise in positive thinking births positivity at best remains a challenging experiment.  Day one, a hard reality surfaced almost immediately.  There are people in this world determined to fail.  At each turn today, an onslaught of defeatist personalities found their way into my atmosphere.  Some complained of their mounting troubles.  There were others who simply refused ever opportunity of deliverance from a broken mindset.  Many times during my conversations I silently spoke peace upon their lives and minds.  I know their disposition far too well.

It is a place of despondency.  It is a place of doubt.  It is a place of weariness.  It is a place of broken dreams.  It is a place of lost moments.  It is a place of refusal to get up and try again.  It is a place of hopelessness.  Yet, it is a place we can survive.

AMP GEN. 40:6-7

6 When Joseph came to them in the morning and looked at them, he saw that they were sad and depressed. 7 So he asked Pharaoh’s officers who were in custody with him in his master’s house, Why do you look so dejected and sad today?

I realize the beginning of this post appears more dire than positive.  However, before we can uproot an issue, we must correctly identify the nutrients feeding the issue.  As a people we hold the very future of our world in our hands.  Regardless, of your belief system, we exist in the utopia or hell we create.  Living in this time provides us with an opportunity for greater innovations and mind-blowing advances in every facet of our lives.  After all, we are a people of great minds, powerful beliefs, and an unwavering sense of righteousness.

My current self is not my past self.  My future self will not be my present self.  Regardless, each part of my evolving experiences leads me into discovering my true self.  Perhaps, there are days the road looks longer and the money seems shorter, but there is always hope. My faith has never failed me once.  Consequently, I am often considered the ultimate optimists.  People comment on my rose-colored glasses at the world we find ourselves in today.  Yet, my hope in tomorrow comes from my experiences of the past.

For me, the first step in overcoming my obstacles began long before there were any obstacles in my path worth conquering.  While some moments in my life have falling lower than others, I stay positive in the face of every challenging experience.  I created a secret place to ward off negativity.    My countenance tells a story my mind does not see.  My heart speaks a truth I make the concerted effort to walk in daily.  Even in total darkness your light will shine if you plug-in the cord.

Jason Nelson, ( outlines the 7 Steps of the Law of Attraction as:

1.)    Awareness:      Be aware of what you are creating.

2.)    Breathe:            Breathe in deeply to connect to what you are creating and on the exhale expand to create more room for the connection.  Surrender to what you are currently creating and let go.

3.)    Responsibility: Take responsibility for what you are creating. Own it. Use the verbiage ‘I want to experience (place here what you are experiencing)’ because on some level you do want to experience it or you wouldn’t be experiencing it.

4.)    Acceptance:     Drop judgment of what you are creating to realize it is simply a creation. Discharge the energy or judgment typically associated with things that you don’t want. These unwanted things have been called negative, wrong or bad.

5.)    Unconscious:   Now that you are aware of what you do want consciously, become aware of any unconscious thoughts creating against what you want consciously. Go through the first four steps with each unconscious thought that is hidden and in conflict with your conscious desires.

6.)    Peace:                Make peace with the inner conflict about the situation. Bring both sides of your thinking together. Harmonize your conscious and unconscious thinking. Let them both speak and feel. Indeed two parts of you can be in disagreement with each other. Come to a place of being okay with each of them and feel the resulting peace.

7.)    Recreate:          With awareness, acceptance and peace brought to all parts of you regarding a situation, you have the power to recreate the circumstance and with a higher probability of long-lasting success.

I have traveled along many roads through dark valleys, gravel roads, wooded forests, and shadowy fields of broken branches and molded stumps, in search of my true north.  I know my vision may shift and change, but my destination remains in eye’s view.  I speak positive, because I believe affirming the positivity in my life provides the necessary fuel to light the fire in my favor.  I live positioned to hear, see, learn, and arrive intact at my place of deliverance.  In this moment, I am speaking both figuratively and literally.  Later this week, I will share more on the power deposited into the law of attraction.

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