Voter Lookup: Don’t Be Fooled At the Election Booth

I took a backseat and only spoke to my friends and colleagues about why voting is so important.  This year is different. I received a surprise at the early elections last Monday.  I am normally an avid watcher of Presidential elections, but sometimes allow midterm elections to go by without a second glance, since the highly contested elections of 2008.  No longer standing in long lines, no longer spending countless nights at the polling offices, no longer rallying the troops to get out the vote, and no longer spending my time and energy on convincing the masses their votes really do count.

We have a choice between a Governor who will keep us in the dark ages or a choice between a return to the days of Ann Richards, where minorities actually had a voice in Texas.  We have a choice where minorities actually matter.  We have a choice where, our vote and our voices really can change the trajectory of our state.

Without pinpointing a specific candidate, vote for a candidate this week while early voting is still going on or next Tuesday, November 4, 2014, whose values, principles, and history in political office closely aligns to a future you want to see manifest in your local area.  Whatever you do, VOTE!

The voting tool below can help you find early voting locations or your polling location on voting day.  Please remember, this year you must have both your photo identification card and your voter’s id card to cast your ballot.  Give a big thanks to the political party of the dark ages, for that one!

To read more about my experience at the voting booth click the link here: