Je Suis Paris

While I have only seen glimmers of the issues occurring overseas across the flashing TV screens at work and at home, I understand these truths: We as Americans call it an attack on “Freedom of Expression” or Freedom of Speech.

I hold judgment on what it is, because I have not done my due diligence in researching the current actions of those involved, victimized, killed, or murdered. I abhor all of these things at face value. Rather than rewrite a word that has already been spoken, I share the blog post of Je Suis Charlie.

Je Suis’ post sums up my sentiment exactly, there is no need for me to add anymore to the subject, except, to say Amen!


photo“Do you think a society is good, or that people are good? We are only as good as the artists and writers can make us appear.” ~ Anonymous

It’s difficult for me to sit back and say nothing about the events of the past few days in Paris, France. But as the bloodshed continues headlining every news channel and permeating my mind, I cannot help but to voice my thoughts of this insidious sphere. I cannot help but be saddened for the loss of all lives, yet I’m reminded of a simple time in my life, one that seems so long ago, but one that solidified my duty in life long before I was ever aware of it.

I’m reminded of my love for creation.

What is it to be creative? What does it mean to spend hours creating, crafting and working only to step back and breathe life into…

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