You ever have so much on your mind…

Occasionally, in addition to my ’15 Words or Less’ entries I will add other tidbits that fall inline with delving into reflective thinking.

Humankind remains to me an amazing specimen with the ability to reason, challenge, create or destroy in a continuum. If we damage our tissue there are mechanisms at work that will regenerate new tissue without external assistance. If the body senses a foreign object its immune system shifts into defense mode increasing white blood cells at the point of attack. Miraculously, the human mind and body are both our greatest weapon and obstacle. Yet, we survive. I believe it is because everything has a purpose and it is our responsibility to seek out the “what now” in every challenge or experience we face today.

Whenever, we enter into a new phase in our life, new brain connections are made either strengthening or weakening old connections. Sometimes, unbeknownst to us we recharge pathways previously dormant for just a time as this.  I came across a blog post that epitomizes our greatest need for self-awareness and our biggest challenge in a world where information is plentiful. 

I share it with you.

You ever have so much on your mind….