YouTube Update Affecting Playback on Some Android Devices


YouTube updated the android version of their app on May 6th.  Since then, the app has become unstable.  Sometimes, it will not load and when it does load, the video transmissions are unplayable or spotty.

The Workaround:

Uninstall all updates in your application manager.  Be sure to uncheck “automatically update” until a they release a new version.

Mobogenie Mobile Virus Alert


I received a message when accessing my Norton Identity account today from my android phone.  It said, “Would you like to install Mobogenie?”.  I have no idea when or where I would have accessed this file, but did some research.

Here’s what I found out:

That virus thing is spam AD.

The Fix

Check under downloads in my files app.

I used a certified copy of ES File Explorer from the Play store to remove the .apk file and ran my virus protection just for good measure. A good virus protection app you might want to consider is Lookout.  I recommend the premium version, if you sometimes download non-Play Store apks.

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