Daily Writing Prompt: Home Turf

What 5 Things Makes My Home – Home?

1.) My artwork

My artwork is a collection of pieces purchased, given, and traded for in exchange for my own created pieces (back when I used to paint). The purchased pieces represent a piece of my mind, my heart was attempting to express by the visual, my eyes did see. The given pieces are representations of what friends and family members believed would speak to me based on my current collection. The traded pieces are a sweet exchange of creativity from one artist to another. I gave of myself and the recipient/giver did the same.

2.) My Blu-ray & HD DVDs collections

They allude adventure, love, action, and passion. And, they remind me even in battle there are remnants left of the losing team. Sony and Microsoft fought a good fight. Sony won the war, but Microsoft’s contribution to the hi-definition movie industry will always exist as Blu-ray and HD DVDs sit side-by-side on my entertainment self.

3.) My writing desk

As a writer, my writing desk represents stories untold, characters underdevelopment in the right brain, and cognitive intuition of plots underdevelopment in the left brain. My writing desk makes rediscovering home an adventure as I release the electromagnetic energies of the temporal lobe across my screen each time I write a new piece. My writing desk speaks to me and says, “release the rainbow”, “release the ideal”, “release the concept”, “release the dream”, “release the vision”, and I will be your foundation that carries you home.

4.) Peace

There is an undeniable aura of peace when you cross the threshold of my home. The outside world drifts away the further you venture inside. It welcomes you in and washes over you with each breath you take.

5.) Tranquility

I have watched guest gravity into a spot and literally cascade away negative thoughts and emotions. The atmosphere whispers to all inhabitants, “take me away”. So we laugh, we drink, we eat, we are merry, and we forget about the things in the rearview mirror as we focus on the things alongside the road ahead.

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Daily Writing Prompt – Home Turf: What 5 Things Makes My Home – Home?

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